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We aim to offer the best possible service by providing fast and efficient solutions to all traders who prefer to leave the coding work to others. Our primary services include: Developing custom Alert, Autotrader, Indicators, Scan, Screener, Studies, Strategy and Signals.


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There is an old saying in the older generation that makes a lot of sense "sharpening your knives is not a mistake for woodcutters". Many investors will encounter such a problem when trading. Why is it that the effect is good when I am making a simulated plate?
In fact, you have not mastered the foreign exchange trading skills.

Foreign exchange techniques can be broadly divided into three levels:

First, the psychological layer.
In trading, many friends have two psychological barriers.
One is called greed, and the other is fear.
Greedy when making money, fearful when losing money, the first layer of foreign exchange trading skills is to control their psychological fluctuations.
No one can grab a whole K line, there will be losses.
If you really can't control your hand, you can set an expectation for yourself in advance.
The expected profit in this investment is how many points, is willing to take the risk.

Second, the control layer.
Here is mainly risk control, position risk, point risk and so on.
Many friends do not set profit, loss, trade at a high level of discretion.
Sometimes it's even hard to find a good reason for investors to trade.
When asked, many of my friends replied that they would buy if they thought it would go up.
Control risk, control vision, good investors are not necessarily the most profitable, but must be very stable investment.

Third, technology.
Many investors add a large number of indicators to the K line when they are trading. They want to seek business opportunities through indicator tips.
But you will find that these indicators are sometimes punctual and not accurate.
This is because any indicator is lagging behind the trend of K line, that is to say, no indicator has any significance without the support of K line.
When we look at the k-line analysis drawn by some real high traders, there are only a few lines.
This is big and simple, return to innocence.

Foreign exchange skills can't make you 100 per cent profitable, but they can help you understand why.
Foreign exchange skills do not necessarily lead to a satisfactory ending, but to a greater accumulation of it.
Because all life is a process of accumulation, foreign exchange is only a small part of life.