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When making investment and financial management, there will be profit and loss, so it is also the case in the foreign exchange trading period. When making transactions, we should prepare for losses. Investment and financial management should not only keep profit in mind.

First, in the case of too little knowledge of the market, blind access to the market, it can be said that 99 percent of investors are involved in the market in this situation.
This is one of the main cause of the loss, in fact, the industry and other industries, also not after system study, don't experience a certain amount of time is unlikely to succeed, the advice is: without having to enter the market, to at least three months to the theoretical study of about half a year, if you do, you will greatly reduce the probability of failure.

Second, there is no good teacher, which is the second reason for our failure.
Throughout various industries, which is a industry is not to need to the teacher, the so-called 'self-development, putting to reassure also, because had the teacher we can walk a lot less detours, when we encounter difficulties the teacher can give us timely advice, advice is: entering the market in real time is a good guidance teacher, at any time you have any question can ask him, he can timely show you yourself but you cannot be found by mistake.

Third, excessive trading or frequent operations, which I think is the third leading cause of losses.
Excessive trading performance oriented warehouse operation, this kind of method to use on the stock is still can, but if used in foreign exchange which is fatal, advice is: 1, in establishing the size of the positions must be reduced as far as possible, at least than most people's level, has proved to be the long-term survival and stable profits in foreign exchange market, their position is very low.
2. The number of operations should be reduced as much as possible. In this way, the middle line operation should be used as the residence and the short line as the auxiliary.
But most traders take the opposite approach, focusing on intraday trading and short-term trading, with little or no mid-line positions.

Fourthly, no stop-loss order is placed to limit the loss, or the stop-loss order is not strictly enforced, and the result is meaningless.
The advice is: stop the loss strictly, avoid because of one or two serious losses, and be out of stock.

Five, dare not to dare to win.
Only when we are profitable, make profit as much as possible to expand, only in this way can make up for the loss of before, but many investors are at exactly that moment, on the other hand, the profit is early positions, main is to have their own positions, if have their own positions on the basis of, this kind of situation will be well solved.
Some people say to get rid of greed, so I want to ask, not a big win to offset the previous many small losses.

Remind the foreign exchange investors again that the speculation of foreign exchange needs to have a good mentality, and keep a clear mind at the same time of having a good mentality, so as to avoid blind choices when making transactions. Investment and financing are all for greater benefits, and the total value should be considered before acting.