We are one of a few vendor on the internet who can convert code from any platform (Amibroker, NinjaTrader, MetaStock, MetaTrader, Tradestation, Esignal, Multicharts, Sharescope, Thinkorswim, Prorealtime, Tradingview etc.) to another.                        


We aim to offer the best possible service by providing fast and efficient solutions to all traders who prefer to leave the coding work to others. Our primary services include: Developing custom Alert, Autotrader, Indicators, Scan, Screener, Studies, Strategy and Signals.


We know very well of all major trading platforms. We have developed hundreds of indicator, scan, screener and strategy on different platforms. We are familiar with almost all popular technical analysis methods. If nobody can handle your programming task, we can be the last resort.

Sometimes we say that the more people you remember, the more likely they are to be sad, and the more people you care about, the harder it is to find happiness.
It can be seen that sometimes forgetting is not just a derogatory term, it is an open-minded, free and easy, it can be said to be a rare relief.
There are a lot of things we need to forget about in life, and there are still a lot of things we need not worry about in foreign exchange investment.

A little in the woods, a great in the city.
Forget small gains and losses, forget big goals.
Many foreign exchange investors enter the market with the intention of making profits, which is not a good joke.
Always hope that you can make a profit when trading, do not face or less face loss.
Sometimes when we see an investor's bill making dozens of returns, we can't help but wonder how big the spirit is.

With a desire to win, we are even more critical of the gain and loss of a city, and sometimes even the market even a few cities panic.
At this point, the most likely to re-boxed the loss of the move.
But the result is often more lost, even "base camp" crisis.
In the case of unfavorable situation, we should do more is to put to rest, more should do nothing.
Just as the basketball court is being snapped, killed, and scored, the head coach will almost immediately apply for a break in the rhythm.

So, when our business is not going well, we need to forget that we have lost money.
Take it easy. Don't let the shadow of this one cloud the next deal.
Not everyone can do it, but at least have a weather - resistant heart.
Every time the deal ends, it marks that it's all in the past and we can't change it.
The only thing we can do is let the future not be controlled by the past. The future is still in our own hands.
This is the most important psychological victory in the foreign exchange technique.

Forget about losses, and you'll have a new mindset to make new trades.
Forget the past before you can embrace new profits.
The secret to investing is not to let it interfere with your normal life, or you will become a slave to it.