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The central bank's interest rate hike is the action of a country's central bank to raise interest rates. The central bank's interest rate hike will lead to higher borrowing costs for Banks and higher interest rates.
The central bank's interest rate hike is aimed at reducing the money supply, curbing consumption, suppressing inflation and encouraging deposits to boost capital inflows.

Central bank interest rate hike is not only an economic behavior, but also a product of social and political factors.
Sometimes it is not just for economic purposes, but under social pressure.
For example, if a country's currency keeps appreciating, interest rate reduction will be carried out to increase the money supply, so as to suppress currency appreciation.
On the contrary, if we face the pressure of rising prices, we have to raise interest rates to curb prices.

The financial sector is most affected by the central bank's interest rate hikes, and we assume that a central bank raises rates enough to stabilize the currency and keep inflation in check.
The idle capital in the society no longer seeks the safe haven, together with the real estate market is a typical bubble, the money will not flow to the real estate market, the real estate market immediately becomes the phenomenon of oversupply, the real estate developer will do whatever it takes to sell the real estate, the final price may break the cost price.
At the same time, higher interest rates would be more favorable for imports to have the opposite effect on exports.
Buy low, that's what imports like.
But sell at a high price, which is the equivalent of exporting to believe that not many people must come.

As can be seen from above, the advantages of central bank interest rate hikes also have his disadvantages.
Interest is the macro-economic control means, since the control is not only a unilateral increase or decrease.
It is an appropriate means of economic adjustment at the right time and under the right conditions.
To protect the health of the real economy, we need to raise interest rates, and at the same time we need to take into account the stability of the financial sector.