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In today's chapter, we will introduce you to the foreign exchange trading to grasp the band rebound techniques.

If the people who can accurately seize the rebound point in the day's crash call it a master of foreign exchange trading, then the use of the band rebound technology trading is the ordinary investors should master the foreign exchange trading skills.
The band bounce usually lasts more than two weeks, and the bounce is usually a few hundred points high. It would be a pity to give up such profit opportunities.
How do you handle wave bounce?
Three points should be noted:

Look at the K line.
The K line represents the exchange rate, and the K line is the conclusion that the exchange rate will not fall.
Fall and rebound are two completely opposite trends, and they must pass through a region of relative balance between long and short, which takes some time and is reflected in the exchange rate. This is the pattern we often mention.
No longer falling exchange rates will inevitably lead to a short - term moving average from down to flat, which is the basis for a rebound in exchange rates.

2. Look at the moving average. Generally look at the 5 daily average.
Once we see the 5 - day average moving from a downtrend to a level, we should pay close attention.
At this time, other averages such as the 10 daily average, the 20 daily average and the 30 daily average are still running downward. If the exchange rate rises above the 10 daily average on a certain day, it can be basically determined that the band rebound has begun.

In general, after the exchange rate breaks the 10-day average for the first time, there will be a certain amount of backdraft, and it is possible to return to the 10-day average.
When the exchange rate rises again, it is bound to drive up the 5 - day line and cross the 10 - day line.
By this point we can be absolutely certain that the rebound has begun.

In the operation, also should be divided into three steps: find 5 daily average start to walk at ordinary times, can buy a third of the warehouse;
When the exchange rate breaks through 10 daily average, buy another 1/3 of the warehouse.
After the exchange rate withdrew, confirmed again upward run, can boldly buy the last 1/3 of the warehouse.
At this point you have done a wave band rebound the safest and most scientific operation.
This way we can attack and retreat and defend, with ease, the rebound of the profits from the pocket.

Look at the technical indicators.
Relatively low levels of technical indicators are also necessary for a rebound.
The low indicator itself reflects that the market is in an oversold state, which cannot be maintained for a long time, and will inevitably rebound in the appropriate time and position.

We should also pay attention to a few issues: first, the indicators must run low, which is the first condition of the rebound;
Second, indicators must cross gold at low levels, a sign of a rebound;
It is again best can appear index bottom to deviate a state, such the probability that holds rebound will be higher.
We use technical indicators, we don't need to pursue some very fancy or complicated calculation formula. In fact, we use RSI, KDJ and MACD which are commonly used.
The key to technical indicators is to use them, not to pursue novelty.

After the mutual cooperation verification of K line, moving average line and technical index, the success rate of band rebound will be greatly improved.
The vast foreign exchange investor friend may master this technology gradually in the simulation or the actual operation, wishes you to be able to grab the rebound master!