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Huge volumes, foreign exchange market price fluctuations is very rapid, amplitude more expanded hundreds because of leverage, so this is not a calm markets, but a full of opportunity, also full of risk of the market, how to make good control their emotions in such a market, calm and rationally deal with price changes is particularly important.
Good trading psychology is actually the control of emotions, not to let emotions control trading decisions, in this process there are several obstacles need to pay special attention.

Deal with losses: sometimes we have to admit we were wrong.
When the market fluctuations are relatively large, the fear of late closing and minutes will lead to greater losses, the earlier the admission of errors will reduce losses, do not hesitate to operate according to the plan.

Deal with profitability: it may seem ludicrous to some, but we must also have a strategy for dealing with earnings, which may not be as easy as imagined.
We need to understand that trends do turn and profitable trades can turn into losses, so remain objective even if the gains are large.

Know what to do: sometimes the market seems to be irrational and extremely elusive, and we should retire to the audience and observe it quietly. There is a chance to make money every day.

There may be no better time to use risk management strategies than when markets are volatile.
Risk management can keep our accounts from sinking in a major storm.

Think before you win, think if you can afford to lose a lot, so reduce trading volume when the market is volatile, so you don't have to be nervous when it comes to market pullbacks, liquidate too early, and regret later when the market goes in the right direction.

Special attention should be paid to how to set a stop loss when the market is volatile.
Of course, the smaller the stop loss in normal times, the less risk, but at this time too small stop loss may be adverse, a random price fluctuations may touch the stop loss.
At this time, the transaction needs more room to operate, stop-loss should be set than usual, but because the order is reduced, so the risk can still be controlled within the scope of the plan.

Once the trade is profitable and the market is moving in a positive direction, we should move the stop loss as early as possible to the strike position, then move the stop loss according to the trend, and finally touch the stop loss, but the trade is profitable.
Of course, in this process, some of the orders can be eliminated to ensure a profit.

Some mistakes can't be made when markets are volatile, when their damage can be more than tenfold.

It must be emphasized again that we should not let greed obscure our vision and reduce the order quantity, because the stop-loss level will be enlarged at this time, the principle of money management should still be implemented, do not always expect to get rich overnight.

Many people like to open new positions at unfavorable prices when there is a loss in the transaction, so the average price of opening positions is more ideal.
Sometimes this strategy works, but in the long run it often doesn't pay off. Many accounts are left to their own devices because of this, especially when markets are volatile because the consequences can be catastrophic.

Don't try to find the precise point of a price correction, one of the biggest killers in foreign exchange trading.
The desire to find the highest or lowest point can only be attributed to conceit, or more is blind greed.
It is especially dangerous to try to catch the highest or the lowest price when the market is highly volatile. Where and how fast the price will go may be beyond our imagination.

When markets are volatile and conservative, volatility and leverage can hurt our accounts.
There are veterans in the market and bold traders, but there aren't. Should we think about why that is?