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There is an old saying, "if you would take it first, you must give it", which says that when you want to destroy your opponent, you should first give her a slack hand so that he will take it in one fell swoop.
So with the idiom play hard to get, play hard to get is also one of the famous thirty-six plans, how can we use this technique in foreign exchange investment?

Facing the market, we are very hard to get.
We can't control the trend of the market, we can only guess its next trend.
But we see it's designed to give us a hard time.
Often we call such an option a cheat line, which means it simply misleads you in the wrong direction and doesn't tend to go in that direction.

This kind of circumstance mostly happens at a lot of friend catch back draw, copy bottom when, because this time often we think to end, suit to do reverse order, enter the arena after regretting.
The market immediately reversed, and the desired profit went away, but also lost a lot of assets.

So when we do foreign exchange investment, we need to pay attention to a few points.
First, when we want to capture the rebound market must be seen to be effective in breaking through some important resistance levels.
Only after the effective breakthrough only then enters the opportunity, otherwise takes the plunge enters very easy to be trapped.
Second, doing such a trade suggests that investors use a step-by-step strategy, which is simply to split into positions.
If our plan for this investment is to put in 2 standard trading volume, then we will be divided into 4 0.5 entry.
This can not only avoid the risk of market reversal, but also test our ability to interpret the K line.
This is one of the foreign exchange techniques many investors have learned over the years.

Many of my friends have asked why other people's foreign exchange skills can't be used immediately and we need to screen them.
Because everybody's trade style is different, trade strategy is different, capital is different.
There can be no one way to do all the difference.
It can only be a matter of improvisation, so knowing how to trade on the fly is a true foreign exchange skill.