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Some people say that the foreign exchange market is a portrayal of the life of investors
In fact, the attitude and weight of the position of investors more like a mirror can reflect its comprehensive quality.
First, it is high to judge the situation.

They understand, fry exchange to want to have high comprehensive quality.
For this reason they study hard, brave to practice, diligent in research, good at summary.
They believe that in the foreign exchange market, where speculative opportunities are greater than investment opportunities, the key to maintaining and increasing capital value is to grasp the trading objects, timing and quantity of foreign exchange, treat every operation carefully and strictly control the position.

They only play guerrilla warfare, avoid protracted warfare, the investment of funds insist not to see the rabbit not to scatter the eagle, do not have profit certainty would rather miss, never do wrong.
The basic principle is that a bull market is full, a strong market is heavy, a weak market is light, and a bear market is short.
Every time the risk comes, the knife and gun will enter the warehouse empty warehouse to rest.

In their eyes, the currency market was like the Monkey King in the hands of Buddha. He allowed the monkey to make 72 changes and jump hundreds of thousands of miles, but still could not escape from their hands.
Making money is no longer a problem for them, only the difference between earning more and earning less, they are the perennial winners, some have become the rare stock essence.

Second, often heavy storehouse is the group that gains less and loses more.

There are plenty of them.
Most of them have a certain experience of foreign exchange speculation, read technical analysis books, listen to stock comments, summarize, and have a fairly deep understanding of the foreign exchange market. However, they are always unsatisfactory in operation, or feel sluggish, or ignore one another, or step on the market beat.
Blame the currency market only take endless regret medicine, sum up endless experience, accept inexhaustible lesson, loss inexhaustible money.

Still, being long is ingrained in their minds, and being heavy is their habit, making money when times are good and giving it back to the market when times are weak.
A minority of these investors are rising through lessons learned.

Third, all the year round is blind dedication group.

Most of these investors entered the market under the influence of the profit effect of the bull market.
The other is to have spare money in hand, foreign exchange speculation can earn extra money;
Still have think fry exchange is easy, it is the way of making money that everybody can participate in, do not hesitate to save money for old age, unemployed life allowance money participates bo silly.

This kind of investor is not good at learning to improve, rely on gossip news and stock comment operation, chase go up kill drop, full storehouse operation, not only capital is shrinking increasingly, and do not have spare money to save oneself, become the family with the most miserable loss in the market.
Some of these investors are moving up to the second tier through learning, but most are still going with the flow.

It is not hard to see from above that position control level is a mirror of the comprehensive quality of fry exchange indeed, if want to change fry exchange loss more win less situation, should not start with improving comprehensive quality?