We are one of a few vendor on the internet who can convert code from any platform (Amibroker, NinjaTrader, MetaStock, MetaTrader, Tradestation, Esignal, Multicharts, Sharescope, Thinkorswim, Prorealtime, Tradingview etc.) to another.                        


We aim to offer the best possible service by providing fast and efficient solutions to all traders who prefer to leave the coding work to others. Our primary services include: Developing custom Alert, Autotrader, Indicators, Scan, Screener, Studies, Strategy and Signals.


We know very well of all major trading platforms. We have developed hundreds of indicator, scan, screener and strategy on different platforms. We are familiar with almost all popular technical analysis methods. If nobody can handle your programming task, we can be the last resort.

As one of the fastest growing trading markets in the world, the foreign exchange market attracts a wide range of clients from different backgrounds and experiences.
If you are a novice or intermediate trader, learning is definitely the first step to beating the foreign exchange market.
Whether you're a trader, investor, agent, or fund manager, remember the eight key words below to achieve success and long-term progress.
As long as you abide by the relevant criteria, you will definitely have a chance to succeed in the foreign exchange market.

Learning: learning is the most fundamental step.
Because exchange rates are driven by many factors, the success of a deal depends on making informed decisions.
As a result, investors need to be better at understanding the fundamentals and technical analysis, and master the methods of winning trades.

Execution: execution is a critical condition for the success or failure of a transaction and a basic guarantee that the broker should provide to all clients.
Traders and investors should choose the best platform and execution to ensure accurate entry and exit and reduce the slip point to maximize the return.

Pricing: when selecting brokers and platforms, traders and investors must have a thorough understanding of transaction costs to maximize profits.
Some dishonest brokers try to disguise transaction costs.

Reputation: when choosing dealers and platforms, enlist a reliable online community to listen to other traders' opinions of brokers.
In the foreign exchange sector, it is important to choose reputable brokers.

Transparency: make sure your money is safe.
Whether you're an agent, fund manager, or trader, make sure all the terms of the deal are clear and that you have customer support on hand.

Analysis: insight means being ahead of the crowd.
Being able to get the most accurate market information in real time using top analytics tools will put you in a strong position to trade in the foreign exchange market.

Regulation: reputable brokers promote and encourage client - broker relationships of transparency and trust.
Therefore, be sure to choose a broker with a good reputation and enough transparency.

Self-discipline: don't let your emotions eat into your profits.
Poor execution, shallow experience, hidden transaction costs, and lack of information all contribute to the failure of the transaction, but all of the reasons ultimately lie in the control of emotions and self-discipline in the transaction.
Traders at all levels should create their own trading systems, set profit targets (set stop losses and know when to make a profit), and choose the right traders based on industry reputation, transparency, pricing, execution, market information and teaching.