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In foreign exchange transactions, there is a word that really makes people talk about "word", he is explosive.
Every foreign exchange investor is afraid that his or her account will go out of business.
Exploding the warehouse is the loss has been close to the risk limit that the margin can take, by the platform business forcibly close the storehouse, the remaining fund is your initial capital amount subtracts your loss.

Each platform will have its own specific shot ratio. If the shot ratio is 30%, what it means is that the margin is equal to 30% by net value.

The two most important reasons for the implosion, one is that the position is too large, and the other is that there is no stop-loss limit.

Position is too heavy, belong to the category of excessive trade.
This is the main reason for the implosion of the storehouse, with a large proportion of leverage to start from the storehouse, the ability to resist risk is very poor.
The psychological barrier is the desire for quick success and instant wealth.
Do not set stop loss, because always want the market will rebound back, to see the loss is temporary, and then carry the carry on the stock.
One of the reasons is the psychological barriers and the technical factors.
The psychological barrier is mainly embodied in the fluke mentality.
Once open a warehouse, do not set stop loss, jittery waiting, like tying themselves to a car without the brake system, at any time to capsize, lucky hope that prices can open their own warehouses in the direction of operation.
But speculation is not gambling, luck and luck can not always be with you, to steady profits, or rely on their own real strength.

The best way to avoid overloading is to reduce the amount of overloading. If you keep losing money, you might as well stop and try again.