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What is stock pattern analysis?

Stock pattern analysis is an analytical method that directly distinguishes stock price movements from historical price charts.

Stock pattern analysis is the basis of technical analysis system. Other technical analysis also includes various graphic analysis. The only difference is that the sampling of these graphics is no longer the original price data, but the mathematically processed and even the indexed price. Data, therefore, other technical analysis is the deformation, complication, and rationalization of pattern analysis. Some basic methods of pattern analysis are often used for other technical analysis.

Assumption of stock pattern analysis

The establishment of stock shape analysis is based on the establishment of the following assumptions:

1. A stock is a thing with typical statistical characteristics. It runs on a regular basis.

2. Historical trends, especially recent trends, have a direct impact on subsequent patterns.

3. The rise of stocks is the result of the accumulation of trading energy, and the influence of large single trading in active buying is decisive. On the contrary, the decline of stocks is also the result of the release of quantity, in which the large order in active selling has a decisive influence.

4, a certain scale of rise must be the main force, can not hope that retail investors raise a stock. The decline in a certain scale is mainly caused by retail investors.

5. There is a main force in all stocks. They are only different in nature, different in strength and weakness, different in degree of good and evil, and different in expression. The best way to express all the nature and intent of the main force is the K-line chart. Because the existing stock information can be faked at low cost except for the K line. The K line is actually piled up with money. That is to say, K-line fraud is the most costly of all stock false information.

Key points of stock shape analysis

Form is above everything else. This is a concept that must be firmly established by people who invest based on pattern theory.

According to the source of stock information, there are only the following types: first, the company's on-the-spot investigation, first-hand information obtained, and second, analysis based on the possession of information, that is, information disclosed by listed companies through formal channels, such as finance. Reports, related announcements, etc. The third is the dissemination of information through informal channels, which is what people usually say.

The stock form is like a big cage. It synthesizes all the information of the stock and finally shows it as a picture. Whether it is the company's business conditions or the main intentions will eventually be reflected in this magical map. This statement is based on the following inference:

1. The correct stock information will be used by the right investors. All correct information will guide the stock pattern to run in the right direction, while the wrong information can temporarily disrupt the stock price trajectory, but the correct information will correct the stock shape. Those "right people" are those who have the right information and the right information. They have two types, one is the primary occupant, the core member of the company who has directly obtained the correct information, and the important investment. The main body or character. The second is to be able to correctly analyze the form and keep up with the clever retail of the form.

2. The trend of the deviation from the fundamentals of the company must be caused by the main force. We know that the will of retail investors is highly dispersed. Just like a loose sand, there is no cohesiveness and combat effectiveness. The form that deviates from the fundamentals of the company is either the main intentional intention. They ignore the company's performance and arbitrarily suppress or pull up, or The main force did not find the value of this stock at all, and formed a "vacuum" caused by the lack of individual stocks to control the absence of people. And all of this will eventually become a kind of information, which is truly reflected on the K-line chart. This is what we often say when the rise does not rise, and when it does not fall.

3. pattern analysis is a method for retail investors to analyze the lowest cost of stocks. Unless you are working in a listed company and have mastered the core information, you can get one. Even if you do other stocks, you can't do anything, but if you master the pattern analysis method and turn on the computer, you can get a basic situation of a stock. The future trend is clear at a glance, and its cost can be zeroed.

4. Conversely, in all stock information, the formation of form is the highest cost. The K-line of the stock is piled up with money. Whether it is a normal trend or a so-called "cheat line", it is actually made with money. This is far more than the cost of making a financial statement and issuing an announcement. high.

Comparing from various aspects, the choice of pattern analysis method is a method of stock analysis with the lowest cost, the highest credibility and the easiest to succeed. It is an inevitable choice for retail investors to stand on the stock market.

The form of stocks has its inevitability. That is to say, the formation of a stock's form is inevitably going forward according to its specific law. This is because:

1. The stock price is mastered by the main force. There are many ways to operate the main force, but the purchase-pull-shipping is the iron law. Without any link, this operation is not completed. The purchase has a purchase form, the pull-up has a pull-up pattern, and the shipment has a shipping pattern. These three links will eventually be clearly placed on the K-line chart. The difference between the main operating methods is the length of time, the extent of the pull and the method of shipping. But there is one, they are to make money, this game rule is eternal.

2, the later form must be the result of the early form, everything has a causal relationship, this is a philosophical theorem, of course, stocks are no exception, it can be said that stocks with statistical characteristics are too far from this point. There is no accumulation in the front, and there is a pull-up in the back. On the contrary, there is no previous sell-off, and there is a late fall. From this point of view, the pattern analysis theory is actually a lot of classic stocks such as wave theory, moving average theory, box theory and so on. The theory is coincident.

3. The stock price is bottom and top. The bottom and top of the stock price are divided into a large bottom and a small bottom. Just as the wave method described by wave theory is actually the bottom analysis, but it has a fatal weakness, that is, you don’t know how to count from there, you don’t know where it ends, that is, you don’t know that it’s the first wave, that It is the last wave, which leads to the wave theory not being popularized by the public. Some analysts often use their mysterious side to say that they are right, but they are wrong again, because they don’t know how to count from there. I am afraid that the originator of this theory also has a considerable proportion of miscalculations. Otherwise, why not make this conclusive statement in all the arguments and leave such a large deceptive space for the analyst? However, we have seen that the stock price always runs in a wave of waves. The big bottom sets the small bottom and goes forward. Whether you can grasp it or not, it does not move with the will of the human being. The stock pattern analysis theory successfully solved this problem. It can not only use the qualitative method to point out the stock base, but also explore the establishment of a simple and easy mathematical model, which can quickly and accurately calculate the short-term and top-end price of stocks. Although its principle needs to be further demonstrated, its accuracy rate needs to be further tested, but in the absence of a better theory and model, it is not easy to do so.

4. The stock pattern can be analyzed and utilized. Analysis of the stock form, the ultimate goal is to use it to make money. The essence of this discipline is to find out the rules of the stock pattern and use it to get the most benefit with the least risk. When the reader becomes a master of the form that masters the essence of the stock form theory and is baptized in actual combat, you will be able to ride the stock market and be handy.

Stock pattern analysis skills

In the stock (stock) speculation, any method used is not constant. With the continuous popularization of stock trading knowledge, the level of stocks of many investors has also increased accordingly. The main force is often painstaking to become a winner, and constantly changes the style of the game, in order to mislead the opponent. One of the methods is to use the graphics in the pattern analysis to make trap.

We know that pattern analysis is one of the commonly used methods in technical analysis. Its shape can be divided into bottom shape, top shape and finishing form according to the position of stock price. Each form has its corresponding graphic features and Operation method (such as the best trading point...

In stock (stock) speculation, any method used is not constant. With the continuous popularization of stock trading knowledge, the level of stocks of many investors has also increased accordingly. The main force is often painstaking to become a winner, and constantly changes the style of the game, in order to mislead the opponent. One of the methods is to use the graphics in the pattern analysis to make trap.

The morphology of the pattern analysis can be divided into the bottom shape, the top shape and the finishing form according to the position of the stock price, each of which has its corresponding graphic features and operation methods (such as the best trading point and stop loss point). . Many small and medium-sized investors who have analyzed the form of beginners think that they have found a simple and easy way to get rich, but in actual combat, they often fail because of the situation: when the K-line combination of individual stocks has the bottom form Buying stocks (stocks), but the stock price has not risen or even fell; when the K-line combination of stocks has the top form, the stocks (stocks) in the hands are thrown, and the stock price has risen sharply. What is the reason? This is because the main force only pays attention to the graphic representation in the pattern analysis for the general retail investors, and ignores the specific position of the same graphic form. The real meaning represented by it is not necessarily the same or even the opposite, thus creating the illusion. Inducing investors to make wrong judgments in order to achieve their own purpose of washing or shipping.

Arc bottom: As the name suggests, the K-line has a slightly rounded bottom structure, which is one of the common patterns on the bottom. Many large bulls are produced in this arc. The reason for this is that when the stock price falls back from a high position to a certain position, the main force begins to enter the market to absorb the chips. In order not to let the market detect it, the method of slowly adopting a small amount of absorption is adopted until the current price is difficult to buy the chips. The stock price is slightly higher to absorb again. Over time, an arc-shaped K-line combination appears at the bottom of the stock price. This is the bottom of the arc. When many investors threw out their stocks (stocks) because they could not withstand the main force, the main force successfully completed the work of opening positions. However, in actual combat, if the investor sees the K-line in the form of a circular bottom, he will often fall into the trap of the main force.

In order to achieve a smooth shipment, the main force built an extremely beautiful circular arc shape, which led many investors to mistake the main intention to make another wave. When many retail investors rushed in and wanted to take the sedan chair, they never thought that the main force was quietly distributing the chips in their hands, causing many people to fall into it, and it was difficult to extricate themselves for a long time.

Arc top: It is a slightly rounded top structure of the K line. It is one of the common patterns on the top. Many large bear stocks are produced in the top of this arc. The reason for its formation is: When the stock price rises to the target position approved by the main force, in order to achieve the purpose of smoothly shipping without disturbing the retail investors, the main force starts to plan the batch shipment, which causes the stock price to slow down until the stock price is unable to go up. Then, it slides down step by step, and a distinct arc shape appears on the head of the stock price. This is the arc top. Therefore, when many people see this figure, they will be shocked, or they will flee, or get a meager profit. However, in actual combat, some of the main forces have used the general investor's sense of fear of the arc top to carry out the shocking and shuffling work. When many investors are desperate and reluctant to cut their love, the stock price has risen from the sky.

In order to achieve the purpose of shocking the warehouse, the main force built a daunting garden arc on the K-line chart, which caused many investors to think that the top has been thrown out and the stock price stopped the decline. Turning around and unfolding a section of the main rising wave.

Investors' analysis of morphology can't just stay on the understanding of the image surface (that is, the specific shape of the shape), but ignore the specific location of the shape, and manipulate the graphics to operate. The result will often fall in actual combat. The head broke blood.

From this we can draw the following conclusion: If in the actual battle, if the bottom figure appears at the top of the stock price, the top graph appears at the bottom of the stock price, then you should be alert to whether the main force is in the "Ming repair path, dark crossing Chen Cang", at this time Only by using reverse thinking in operations can we get out of the traps in pattern analysis and get good returns.